A Note on Upcoming Price Increases

A message from our founder, Kelsey, as we prepare to increase prices.

I’ll cut to the chase — after putting it off as long as possible, next month I will be introducing price increases to many pieces in our collection.

This is not a conclusion I arrived at easily nor take lightly, so I want to share some background and the thought process behind this decision:


Source: JM Bullion, captured 6.25.2024

When I first started working with gold in 2017, prices were around $1,250 an ounce. At the end of May, prices hit a staggering $2,450 an ounce — the highest price the metal has ever seen, even when adjusting for inflation. Although prices have dipped slightly from that historic peak, they remain around 85-95% higher than when I first launched Abel.

I’ve been monitoring these fluctuations since early March, hoping optimistically the spike was temporary and I could avoid passing on any burden to my customers. The truth is, however, the days of sub-$2000 gold prices are over, and costs of doing business across the board (including silver prices) continue to increase.


Recently, the shuttering of several beloved sustainable brands (ARQ, Mara Hoffman, and Selva Negra, to name a few) has sparked discussions about the viability of such business models. The Business of Fashion published an article called ‘What’s Behind the Slow Fashion Recession,’ in which writer Isabel Slone candidly wonders ”whether there’s room in the market for brands that put sustainability first.” To see the unique challenges we face highlighted so starkly is inevitably anxiety-inducing for brands like mine.

In a 15-minute-long video posted to Instagram, Liz Pape of Elizabeth Suzann, (an early pioneer and leader in the slow fashion movement) chimed in on the conversation. Speaking directly to camera, she reflects on the paths forward she sees for small and slow brands.

”I think we have to price ourselves fairly — and I don’t mean lower, I mean higher… If we’re going to make things in a way that has integrity, we have to price with integrity.” She continues, “Within our niche circle, we have to stop lowering the bar by underpricing because then we just push each other down.”


Liz’s words, combined with finally coming to terms with unbudging material costs, are what led me to the decision to increase my prices. While I know (and hate) that this makes my work less accessible, I also know that my commitment to environmental and social responsibility is a value I cannot compromise.

Transparency is another one of my values, so the new prices won’t go into effect until Wednesday, July 10th. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase any pieces you’ve been eyeing at the current prices for the next two weeks before the new prices take effect.

If now is not the right time, we will be having our only planned sale of the year ahead of the holidays as usual (20% off sitewide). We also offer monthly payment plans via Affirm year-round. These are both great ways to invest in Abel jewelry at a more accessible price point.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Your trust allows Abel to stay true to my values as a maker, business owner, and — most importantly — a human.