With proper care, your Abel pieces should last a lifetime — and be passed down for generations to come. While we personally love the natural patina that comes with wearing and cherishing your jewelry day after day, there are certain steps one can take to preserve the original condition and value of their pieces:


· Use a soft, lint-free cloth or mild dish soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush to periodically clean your jewelry of dirt, oils, and residues.

· Store and transport jewelry separately to prevent scratching and tangling.

· Specific jewelry designs are capable of withstanding differing levels of physical activities and exposure — use your best judgement and when in doubt, remove jewelry items that you suspect could get damaged. For example: don’t sleep in long dainty earrings, or go rock climbing with rings on!


· All of our jewelry is nickel-free and should be safe for those with allergies — if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@abelobjects.com

· Silver naturally tarnishes over time. Our favorite way to remove silver tarnish at home is to place your pieces on top of a piece of aluminum foil in a bowl before covering both with baking soda and hot water. If discoloration persists, we recommend using a jewelry polishing cloth.


· Pearls are more sensitive than mineral gemstones and require special care to ensure they retain their luster:

· Ironically, they should not be submerged in water (!), so avoid wearing them while swimming or showering.

· They are sensitive to chemicals used in many cosmetics/perfumes/hair sprays, so a good habit to get into is to put your pearls on as the final step to getting ready 💅🏻

· Pearls are more susceptible to scratches, so care should be taken to store them apart from other jewelry.

· Finally, we recommend wiping your pearls with a clean, soft cloth after each wear to remove sweat and body oils.

Our dream is for our jewelry to be treasured forever. If your Abel piece gets damaged or if there’s an alteration that would make the product fit more comfortably, we’re happy to chat about how we can accommodate your needs. You can also read about our lifetime warranty and repair policies here.