The Side Set Rings are deceptively simple bands that contain a subtle detail — diamonds set on the side, a secret reserved only for the wearer and those most observant. Classic and timeless designs that can be worn every day, yet are special enough to mark life's most important milestones.

Clockwise from the top: Diamond, Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald.


Use a Side Set Ring as a base to create a one-of-a-kind ring imbued with your own meaning.

The rings are endlessly customizable and can be made in different metals, band widths, and can be engraved (some ideas for your consideration: a name, a date, map coordinates, a secret message).

Further personalize your ring by picking and choosing from our collection of responsibly-sourced colored gemstones. Use them in addition to or in lieu of diamonds to add further significance (and the tiniest touch of color) to your ring.

Interested in creating a Side Set Ring of your own? Email to inquire.


Abel exclusively uses reclaimed diamonds, which means the stones have been recovered from previously-worn or antique jewelry and reprocessed to create new pieces. We believe that using recycled instead of newly-mined or lab-grown diamonds is how we can best minimize the negative environmental and social impacts associated with diamond mining and production.

You can read more about our choice to use reclaimed diamonds here.


Social and environmental responsibility is one of our core values that guide every decision and product we make at Abel. We are committed to sourcing materials and implementing practices that either reduce our impact as much as possible or, ideally, create positive ones. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here: