Abel creates fine jewelry and handcrafted objects with future generations in mind. Timeless design and responsible production are core values that drive each product and business decision we make.



    The jewelry industry has historically been plagued by problematic and opaque business practices — both environmental and social.

    Abel is dedicated to sourcing materials and implementing practices that either reduce impact as much as possible or, ideally, create positive ones. Treating the world and the people living in it with care and respect is a value that drives every business decision.

    As tempting as it is to use the labels “ethical” and “sustainable,” the terms are simply too vague and too often misappropriated in this industry. Instead, our focus is on being authentic, transparent, and the perpetual act of improvement — empowering customers with information in the process. You can read more about Abel’s sustainability practices here.


    Timeless design, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail are foundational elements of each piece of Abel jewelry.

    This is achieved in the pieces’ construction — solid gold and silver (never plated or filled) and master craftsmanship ensure they last forever, even with daily wear. It’s also embodied in the design principles that inform each piece — walking the fine line between classic and common, modern and trendy.

    The ultimate aim is to create pieces that can be worn day in and day out over the span of a lifetime, eventually being passed down to future generations.


    Personal connection and community are at the heart of Abel’s philosophy. From our customers to the vendors we work with, each interaction is treated not as a transaction but as a relationship.

    A way we demonstrate this value is by keeping production local to NYC. Not only does this help preserve the tradition of skilled craftsmanship in our local community, but it also allows us to stay close to production, have hands-on access to quality control, and develop personal relationships with the people bringing our designs to life. It also allows us direct visibility into the financial, physical, and mental health of all workers.

    Abel is purposefully small to ensure we are able to continue to foster these intimate relationships that only an independent business can cultivate. It’s a more expensive way of doing business, but to us it’s worth it. As Abel expands, we hope to continue to support initiatives close to our heart.

Photograph by Frédéric Georges


Kelsey Lim is the founder and designer behind Abel Objects.

She built a career in graphic design and art direction working for clients such as The New York Times, Man Repeller, Condé Nast, and Haus, creating jewelry on the side as a way to bring physical making back into her life.

Now focusing on Abel full-time, she hopes to nurture a small and sustainable company focused on creating timeless objects to be cherished and passed down to future generations.

Kelsey studied at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) before moving to New York City, with no plans of leaving as a ride-or-die New Yorker.