Angler Necklace

from $580$1,260

A keshi pearl hangs on a figaro chain, framed by a hand-formed loop. This golden halo is completely removable from the necklace — held only in place by the weight of the pearl. Each necklace is crafted around a pearl's unique shape, rendering each piece truly one of a kind.


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The magic of keshi pearls lies in their mysterious origins — we do not know exactly how or why they form. Unlike cultured pearls, which develop around a purposefully-implanted nucleus (such as a grain of sand), keshi form all on their own.

Characterized by their particularly brilliant luster and irregular forms, keshi remain quite rare and we are always on the lookout for more. The fact that no two of these pearls are alike makes them challenging to work with, but is ultimately what makes owning one so special.


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