Tilt Signet Ring

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A modern take on a historical style, the Tilt Signet Ring features a uniquely angled oval face.

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Styled and photographed by Lúa Oliver

Signet Ring History

Signet rings have a rich historical significance that dates back to ancient civilizations. Originally used as a form of personal signature, these rings were engraved with distinctive symbols, initials, or family crests.

In ancient Rome, signet rings were associated with authority and were used to imprint official seals on documents. Throughout history and other civilizations, signet rings became symbols of status, power, and identity, often worn by nobility and leaders.

Over time, their significance evolved, and signet rings became cherished heirlooms, representing familial heritage and connections. Today, signets continue to carry both historical and personal significance, often serving as unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry.

Our take on the signet is a respectful nod to the past, while containing a distinctly modern detail.


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