Pendulum I Earring

from $220$340

A stud earring featuring a round bezel-set black jasper cabochon at its base.

Sold as a single earring that can be worn on its own, paired with a second, or combined with the Pendulum II Earring (or other earrings in your collection) for an asymmetrical look.

Single or Pair:

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This piece’s original design incorporated onyx and now uses black jasper. We made this transition due to the fact that we couldn’t find a reliable source for sustainably-mined and cut onyx.

Visually indistinguishable in appearance, our black jasper is completely traceable from mine to market. It adheres to strict protocols across both mining and cutting, which include environmental protection, safe working conditions, and fair labor practices.


Social and environmental responsibility is one of our core values that guide every decision and product we make at Abel. While everything leaves a footprint, we are committed to sourcing materials and implementing practices that either reduce our impact as much as possible or, ideally, create positive ones. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here: